Custom Light Box Frames

Lightbox frames are a popular option for visual communications in retail stores, corporate environments and hospitals. They help communicate new products, upcoming sales or simply enhance the atmosphere of an area.

Swing-open frames come in wood and metal design styles that match wide-ranging interior decors and environments. They also have hidden hinges and gravity locks that hide the hardware, eliminating visual distractions from the frame.

LED Edge-lit Strip Lighting

Most people walk by a poster or sign without even noticing it, but a light box can change that. Illuminated posters attract the eye and increase the chances of passersby stopping to take a look at your information, which in turn increases brand awareness and helps turn pedestrians into customers.

Edge-lit strip lighting uses LED strips housed in a channel that extends out from around the perimeter of the acrylic to backlight it. The light emitted from the edges is diffused by an opal cover that reduces the dotting effect, and the aluminum channel serves as a heat sink that dissipates the heat created by the LEDs, prolonging their life.

Unlike backlit panel lights which are made with a solid panel, edge-lit LED panels are thinner because they don’t need to include a light guard. This allows the panel to be made using lower-cost materials such as polystyrene (PS) that don’t yellow with age because the diffuser isn’t solely responsible for spreading the light evenly.

This also makes them easier to assemble for trade shows and events, as the individual LED modules can be spliced apart in minutes. And the lightweight base fixture is easy to move, making it a great option for relocating and resetting up displays on the go. The LEDs are plug-and-play, with a simple connection to the power supply.

Backlit Poster Displays

Backlit Poster Displays

Light box posters are ideal for delivering a premium visual message in high footfall locations like prime high-street locations, airports and shopping centers. Their heightened visibility ensures that your message is seen by the maximum number of people possible. That’s not something you can guarantee with billboards or other traditional offline advertising methods.

What’s more, backlit poster displays have an added aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional paper posters which can appear washed out and lack contrast, backlit custom light box frames film makes images stand out and glow with rich colors. This enhances the overall image quality and ensures that even when viewed in low lighting conditions your graphic will be vibrantly displayed.

Backlit poster displays are a popular choice for retail stores and corporate environments, medical centers, hotels, financial institutions and visitor centers. Their narrow aluminum frame profiles are a great fit with modern interior design styles and they are designed to accommodate the size of most standard posters.

Backlit poster frames have a sleek, contemporary appearance and come with clear protective lenses that hide the LED lights from view. They also have hidden hinges and sliding gravity locks that keep the frame closed without any visual hardware distractions from the lightbox display presentation. Models rated for outdoor use feature wider aluminum profile extrusions to provide better resistance against weather conditions.

Paper Graphic Light Boxes

A light box displays a translucent fabric material and internal lighting system to create an eye-catching glowing effect that can help showcase graphics or messages. These lightboxes can be used in a variety of environments, including retail stores, museums, and kiosks. The key to a successful lightbox is high-quality graphics and effective design. To achieve this, it is important to use high-resolution images, choose the right file format, consider the colour mode, and work with a professional lightbox maker.

A quality lightbox should be easy to assemble and dismantle for portability. It should also be able to fit the size of its location and be constructed from durable materials. Aluminum is a common material for lightboxes as it is lightweight and resistant to rust. It can also be spliced together to make smaller sections for shipping and storage.

It is also important to select a lightbox that uses SEG (sewn-in edge graphic) fabric prints for a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. This type of fabric printing uses a dye sublimation process to lock in bold, vibrant colors for a crisp, clear image. These fabrics are also designed to diffuse lighting, reducing surface glare. In addition, they are wrinkle-resistant and can resist fading, ensuring your graphic will remain pristine for the duration of your display. Finally, you should opt for a lightbox that includes top-notch cases and packaging to enhance portability and protection.

Perimeter Lit LED Acrylic Light Boxes

Light box displays use LED technology to illuminate fabric or rigid panel graphics housed within outer frames for a visually exciting way to communicate your brand, product, service or image. They are ideal for retail environments, showrooms and event displays where illuminating your message will catch the attention of passersby.

The best lightboxes are the ones that deliver uniform illumination across your graphics without creating shadows or banding. light box supplier Whether you choose a backlit frame or an edge-lit frame, the lighting needs to be evenly distributed to make your graphic pop.

If you want a backlit frame, your options include perimeter LED and dimmable LED. The latter are great for showcasing a high-resolution photo or transparencies, as the dimmable feature ensures you have control over the brightness of your display.

Perimeter LED light boxes have LED lights positioned inside the edges of the frame that shine sideways through the translucent graphic behind it, creating indirect lighting that gives your display an elegant glow. They also have a thinner frame design, so they are less likely to be bumped by foot traffic.

A patented fabric SEG LED light box has a built-in silicone strip sewn into the edges of the printed textile that distributes illumination evenly across the surface of the display. They are often used in window displays or store interiors, and the thin frame design keeps the focus on the bold and well-lit graphic.

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